GoogleMaps.Guru is maintained by Herve Andrieu who is currently a Level 10 Local Guide with thousands of contributions to Google Maps since he started in 2016. A specialist in telecommunications and security, Google Maps is a hobby where he can try help others in very subtle ways by making this tool used very frequently by all of us more relevant one step at a time.

Herve Andrieu posted more than 70,000 pictures reaching over 250 million views on Google Maps. Most of them were taken while riding for over 5,000 miles a Gotway Tesla electric unicycle, using a Samsung S8 camera and Ricoh Theta V 360 camera.

Riding in style for Google Maps

While he mostly advises his friends and the people he meets while taking pictures for Google Maps, he was cited as an expert on the question of GPS and Google Maps by Reader’s Digest and the subject of Google StreetView also on Reader’s Digest.
His odd transportation choice was featured by YourParkingSpace.co.uk .

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